Leoni Dalmau

Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper, Image and Wardrobe Consultant in Charlotte, NC with more than 10+ years experience


 Black suit outfit, with stripes for contrast, creates a simple, but impactful business casual look

A little about me...

Thank you for taking some time to visit my website! I moved to the Charlotte area in August of 2014 from N.Y.C. My daughter and I wanted to  be closer to my mom, who has been here for over 13 years. We were also ready for a little change of pace. The warmth of the South, and the people that reside here, has not disappointed. We are very happy with our decision!

 I am originally from N.Y.C - born in Brooklyn. I have lived in every borough of New York! If there is ever a place to experience a plethora of style, and fashion, it was growing up there! I have worked for many years in the retail industry, in some of the most fashion forward areas of New York, such as: Fashion Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, and the mecca of street fashion - Soho. It was in these places that my passion came to life.

Aside from my adoration for fashion, clothing, and beauty, part of my passion has always been helping others; putting smiles on faces, and making new connections. I have always been that 'person' others come to when seeking advice for clothing decisions, skin care, hair care, and overall self improvement. People trust my advice because I am honest, never pushy, or judgmental. I am a great listener by nature. I thoroughly enjoy the process of figuring people out and that can only be accomplished by really taking the time to listen to what someone has to say. That skill, along with my never ending desire to shop, allows me to be the best at what I do. 

Working in retail allowed me to experience the process of shopping from a very different perspective. Through the years I realized how many people actually dislike having to shop for their own clothes, clothing for their children, and dressing for special events. I became very successful at offering my professional shopping services outside of my regular job. Most of my clients did not have the time, nor the desire, to shop for themselves, or their family, but still yearned to look stylish and "on-trend".

As I developed relationships with most of my clients I became aware of their need to, not only enjoy the image they put forth to the world, but to also evolve their sense of style, and to change with the times. They were frequently unsure of where, or how, they should begin a transformation. Many times struggling with what sense of style they could even relate to. I always try to reassure my clients to not feel discouraged. A transformation can take weeks, months, or years. It really depends on the individual and the size of transformation involved. Some examples of these situations include: 1) college grads entering the corporate world for the very first time, and not quite sure how to maintain a fun, and youthful appearance (while still dressing appropriately for work). 2) New moms trying to salvage their sense of style while remaining comfortable. 3) Professionals given promotions that require a new and elevated style for business meetings, public speaking, and corporate events that put their appearance in the spotlight. 3) There were also those wanting to start over after a turning point in their lives - divorce, engagement, birthday milestone, etc... that required a substantial overhaul (from head to toe). And that's really just to name a few! There is no reason too big, or too small! 

Needless to say, I began offering Image Consulting as an optional service for my clients, and it has been the service most often requested!